Top 5 Dental Emergencies That Call For Your Dentist’s Help

missing tooth

It’s important for each and everyone of us to know whether or not we are facing dental crisis. Most often, we take our dental health for granted; we often underestimate the impact of sugary food on our teeth. Avoiding the dentist is never a good idea; in fact, research has found that tooth decay is most common in people who have dental anxiety and/or avoid taking a trip to the dental clinic. Additionally, poor oral health may even put children with special needs at risk.

Admit it, we usually only go to the dentist whenever there is an apparent dental emergency. Although this practice is definitely discouraged, it is still essential for us to know the different dental emergencies that we might be facing without us actually knowing. Emergency dental work is serious stuff, ATX Dental Specialists offer emergency dental in the Austin Area.

Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies refer to issues involving the teeth or its surrounding tissues that call for immediate treatment by a dental health professional. A common misconception about dental emergencies is the idea that it will always involve pain. In fact, there are a number of cases which are completely pain-free. However, pain is, indeed, one of the most common signals of a dental emergency.

Common Examples

  • Broken Tooth

This case is common for kids especially if they are extraordinarily active as well as for sports players. When you have a case of broken tooth, you must be careful especially if has sharp edges as it may injure your lips. Although broken teeth are bearable, they sometimes cause swelling and they definitely need the attention of a dentist as soon as possible to avoid more complications.

  • Knocked-out Tooth

Sports or some accident may cause you to knock your tooth out; again, this is a very common scenario for kids. This is a very big deal as you don’t want to have a missing permanent tooth whenever you smile nor do you want any infection or complication. Immediately, seek the help of your dentist while also trying your best to preserve the tooth.

  • Toothache

There are a plethora of reasons for toothaches. Most commonly, it is due to pulpal inflammation. In some situations, abscess also makes things worst. So, if you experience pain whenever you drink something hot or cold or whenever you chew, know that this is a big dental emergency. You’ll need to have your tooth or teeth checked to prevent further damage.

dental cavity hole

  • Dental Caries and Cavities

Dental caries and cavities may be signs of tooth decay; however, they can be hard to spot if you’re not so observant. In the beginning, caries and cavities might be pain-free; pain will only occur once the carries impinge on the pulp because by then, inflammation will start. You’ll know if you have caries and cavities if you spot some brown, dark-brown or black spots on your tooth which cannot be removed by simple brushing of teeth.

  • Wisdom Tooth

For some people, an emerging wisdom tooth may cause so much pain; sometimes, the debilitating pain may even affect their daily activities. This is why wisdom tooth extractions are also considered emergencies.

  • Filling or Crown Problems

Broken or removed fillings are also problems that have to be fixed as soon as possible since they cause discomfort in the mouth. Similarly, having crown problems is also a serious case and must be restored as soon as it is appropriate to do so. These situations fall under restorative emergency category

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