Signs of Being in an Abusive Relationship and Taking Action

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about one third of women, worldwide, have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner. With this data, we can safely assume that some of these women live with their intimate partners and thus, their experiences of intimate partner violence may fall under domestic violence. However, let us not forget that some men are also be experiencing this type of violence. Either way, the victim must take action.

Unfortunately, many of these victims don’t even know that they are actually experiencing abuse or domestic violence. Other victims also choose to stay still and keep silent under their partner’s roof. This reaction could be attributed to many factors. It’s possible that some victims have a hard time overcoming their fears, have nowhere to go, or have no money. In some cases, having young children to take care of also makes it harder for a domestic violence victim to get away from the abuser. Whether you are sure or unsure of being a victim of domestic violence, keep on reading.

Abusive Spouse

  • Spouse is aggressively dominant.

An abusive spouse or any abuser is usually a very dominant individual, he/she is in charge of everything leaving you with no-say at all. Furthermore, he/she expects you to obey commands  without any question.

  • Spouse gives out threats.

One of the most common tactics abusers use is dropping threats; this is to scare you and stop you pressing charges against them. Usually, abusers will use what or who is dear to you (e.g. children, secrets, etc.)

  • Spouse employs intimidation.

Common forms of intimidation may include displaying weapons, destroying things or properties, and being violent towards something in front of you.

  • Spouse intends to isolate you.

Usually, it will become very hard for the victim to go out. The abusive spouse or abuser will not allow you from meeting friends nor family; this is so you will become more dependent on them.

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  • Spouse uses humiliation.

Insults such as name calling and shaming are abusers’ number one weapon so their victims will feel worthless and would not leave their side.

  • Spouse physically hits you.

Of course, if your spouse violently hits you, that is automatically considered abuse. No further questions asked.

Taking Action

If you are facing some of the things listed above then you are most probably a victim of an abusive relationship or domestic violence, if you and your spouse live together. What has been happening to you are not just forms of accidents but of abuse. Now, that you’ve confirmed this, you have got to take action.

At an opportune time, ask help from a family member or a friend. Stay over at someone else’s house and while you are safe, you must report your spouse or abuser to the authorities. Although this might be hard to do, know that it is the right thing to do to prevent further physical and emotional damages. At the end of it all, you should seek help from legal professionals such as domestic violence lawyers in Manhattan; they will guide you in filing for a divorce or any legal action that is suited for your case.


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