Learning The Basics of Quad Roller Skates and Skating


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Many of us have seen kids and adults in movies roller skating, using skates that have two rows of wheels. These are commonly known as quad skates.

Quad Roller Skate

Basically, quad skating describes the vintage-style roller skates instead of the modern inline skates. These quad skates have four wheels (2 rows) per foot while modern inline skates have only a single row of wheels for each foot. 

As early as 1700s, skates have emerged in the society. Later on, quad roller skates gained much of the popularity. From sports to just pastime recreation, skating has been an interesting subject. Hence, many people got into it. Even today, there are still old souls who are trying to pick up quad skating and if you’re one of them, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will guide you in the basic steps and skills for quad roller skating. Without any more delay, let’s discuss the tips.

Basic Tips

  • Do the duck walk.

If you’re clueless about skating, then doing the duck walk is essential for you to be able to learn how to balance. Do the walk by having your heels together, pointing both your toes forward. Afterwards, slowly walk forward. Keep doing this until you get the hang of walking with roller skates on. This basic skill will help you in gaining the balance you need.

  • Practice gliding.

From walking like a duck, you must make a transition by lengthening your strides. Here, you should allow yourself to roll in the rink. You’ll have to push yourself using one foot and then glide using the other. Your feet will take the roles alternately. You always have to lift one foot above the floor when the other one is gliding.

  • Learn how to brake.

Very importantly, you must know when to stop. Usually, your right foot roller skate is equipped with a brake. The brake is located at the toe of your skate. To put yourself in a stop, you need to glide your skates parallel to each other while staying in a squatting position. Carefully place your right skate a little in front of your left skate; afterwards, lift the toe of the right skate.

Make sure that when you hit the brake, you hit it certainly. Don’t have second thoughts; thus, don’t slightly hit the brake without an actual intention of completely putting yourself to a stop. This will only risk you from injuries due to loss of balance.

turning crossover tips

  • Turn with crossover.

Turning with crossover is actually a special maneuver. Now that you know how to glide, you can start with it in order to gain momentum. Turning with crossover is when you cross on skate over the other and pushing off for a new direction. So, if you wish to turn right, cross your left skate over your right and turn your body towards the right direction; push your body towards that direction.

  • Jump in the air.

If you really want some adventurous maneuver, jumping in the air is perfect for you. First, you must do a couple of glides. Then, bring your skates together, do a crouch and hit the air (jump). In the beginning, do some smaller jumps just to orient yourself with how it feels and how it should go. Along the way, you can do higher jumps if you’ve become more confident in landing.

Overall, you must also prioritize your safety when it comes to skating. There have been many injuries due to roller skating and you need to avoid those as much as possible. You can do this by wearing the right gears, skating in the right areas, or by taking your skating slowly but surely.

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