Talk About Immigration and Permanent Residency in the USA

how to migrate to USA

Although the United States of America has been deemed as the bedrock of different nationalities, it does not automatically mean that the country accepts anyone as permanent residents that easily. True enough, many may be allowed to travel around America but obtaining the almighty green card is a tough obstacle to hurdle especially now with the new sitting government.

We know very well that many people from all over the world wish to stay in America for life and so, we’ve compiled some of the things you might need to know when it comes to the process of obtaining  permanent residency in the USA. Some of these are the following:

Obtaining Permanent Residence

Tapping on relatives is common

Perhaps the most used and abused eligibility is tapping on immediate family or relatives who are considered citizens or lawful permanent residents of the country to play the role of sponsors. This is the most commonly used path to permanent residency because it is the easiest and it does not set any limit each year unlike the other eligibility options.

Applying for a job can be a big help

Being offered a job or accepted for a job in the US may also be of great help. The road to permanent residency will be less difficult if you have something to offer the country. Hence, those of extraordinary or exceptional skills are very much welcomed in the USA. Here, we can safely say that if you have significant contributions to the country, you might be more qualified than most.

Refuge is offered by USA

As for those who are fear life-threatening situations and risks back in their homeland, America actually offers an option for eligibility for refuge. Of course, these life-threatening issues do not include merely getting into car accidents back in your hometown. It has to be much more than that. 

how to become a citizen of USA

Long time residency does not mean permanent

Unfortunately, you may have lived in America for ten long years and they still might not grant you the green card. For as long as you do not qualify, they will not consider taking you in as permanent residents. However, many long-time non-citizen residents get away with deportation cases whenever they are able to prove that their removal from America would be detrimental to a citizen of USA.

In these situations, you should definitely contact a legal professional. Look for a good immigration lawyer in NYC, if you reside there.

Anyone can be denied

You have to know that anyone can be denied the green card if they pose risk to the country. Automatically, if you seem to be a threat, you will not be granted permanence. There could be several reasons as to why USA would deny your green card application.

Usually, it could be health related such as having a communicable disease that might endanger the public. Naturally, if you have a crazy criminal record, you probably would not get through the immigration office as well.

Consulting a lawyer is essential

Never underestimate the skills of a legal professional as they might have the power to change the circumstances you find yourself in. However, you must also remember that they also have limits.

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