Best Activities in Cabo Which You Can Enjoy With Your Kids


rock formation cabo san lucas

Despite all issues regarding Mexico immigrants in the United States, Americans are still in love with the getaways Mexico offers. And if you thought that Cabo San Luca, Mexico was only great for romantic getaways and nightlife adventures, you have never been so wrong. Cabo is actually also great for families, especially big families with kids. The wonderful streets of Cabo have so much activities to offer your young and active little ones. With that said, we would love to provide you with a list of the best activities you and your kids must definitely try while visiting Cabo.

Activities For Kids

Submarine Experience

Not only kids will enjoy this experience, even adults as well would love to be in this semi-submersible. Here, you get to witness the magnificent buzzing marine life from the viewing cabin. The submarine tour extends near the arch where the guests can marvel at the amazing rock formations.

Boating Experience

Experience Cabo by sea through boating and sunset sailing. The kids will surely enjoy the sea trip especially when you sail your way back to the shore during sunset. The view and the experience is just amazing.

Dolphin Swimming

In Cabo, guests are given the opportunity to get close to dolphins. In fact, kids are even allowed to swim with these kind animals. Dolphins are intelligent sea creatures which do not pose any harm on guests, not even kids. Of course, as guests, we must be careful with dealing with these fragile creatures.

kid swimming with dolphins

Surfing Lessons

Let your children try out surfing lessons in Cabo. You never really know what special skills your kids might have on water. This wonderful sport might actually interest your kids or even you, yourself. Just to warn you, this activity might be a tad bit addicting once you get the hang of it.

Snorkel Experience

You and your kids can witness being up-close and personal with sea creatures through snorkeling. Although this activity does not go as deep as scuba diving, snorkeling is still a great way to marvel at the rich marine life in Cabo.

Theme Parks

Perhaps, the ultimate activity that will interest your little ones the most are the aquatic theme parks. Aside from the beach, pools with large slides and other forms of water entertainment are available in Cabo’s theme parks. Indeed, this is the paradise for your kids.

Camel Safari

If you thought Cabo was all about the beach, you are, again, wrong. Cabo actually offers a unique activity for kids; camel safari. Here, your kids are given the chance to experience what it is like to ride camel in a desert safari. It’s not just available for kids, this activity is popular for adults as well.

Horseback Riding

Aside from riding camels, horseback riding is also popularly offered in Cabo for both kids and adults. Aside from it being fun, this activity also helps you get acquainted with the culture in Cabo, being part of Mexico. These horseback riding activities may be done romantically by the beach shores or adventurously over local terrains. Even polo lessons are being offered in Cabo’s horseback riding adventure.

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