Best Activities in Cabo Which You Can Enjoy With Your Kids


rock formation cabo san lucas

Despite all issues regarding Mexico immigrants in the United States, Americans are still in love with the getaways Mexico offers. And if you thought that Cabo San Luca, Mexico was only great for romantic getaways and nightlife adventures, you have never been so wrong. Cabo is actually also great for families, especially big families with kids. The wonderful streets of Cabo have so much activities to offer your young and active little ones. With that said, we would love to provide you with a list of the best activities you and your kids must definitely try while visiting Cabo.

Activities For Kids

Submarine Experience

Not only kids will enjoy this experience, even adults as well would love to be in this semi-submersible. Here, you get to witness the magnificent buzzing marine life from the viewing cabin. The submarine tour extends near the arch where the guests can marvel at the amazing rock formations.

Boating Experience

Experience Cabo by sea through boating and sunset sailing. The kids will surely enjoy the sea trip especially when you sail your way back to the shore during sunset. The view and the experience is just amazing.

Dolphin Swimming

In Cabo, guests are given the opportunity to get close to dolphins. In fact, kids are even allowed to swim with these kind animals. Dolphins are intelligent sea creatures which do not pose any harm on guests, not even kids. Of course, as guests, we must be careful with dealing with these fragile creatures.

kid swimming with dolphins

Surfing Lessons

Let your children try out surfing lessons in Cabo. You never really know what special skills your kids might have on water. This wonderful sport might actually interest your kids or even you, yourself. Just to warn you, this activity might be a tad bit addicting once you get the hang of it.

Snorkel Experience

You and your kids can witness being up-close and personal with sea creatures through snorkeling. Although this activity does not go as deep as scuba diving, snorkeling is still a great way to marvel at the rich marine life in Cabo.

Theme Parks

Perhaps, the ultimate activity that will interest your little ones the most are the aquatic theme parks. Aside from the beach, pools with large slides and other forms of water entertainment are available in Cabo’s theme parks. Indeed, this is the paradise for your kids.

Camel Safari

If you thought Cabo was all about the beach, you are, again, wrong. Cabo actually offers a unique activity for kids; camel safari. Here, your kids are given the chance to experience what it is like to ride camel in a desert safari. It’s not just available for kids, this activity is popular for adults as well.

Horseback Riding

Aside from riding camels, horseback riding is also popularly offered in Cabo for both kids and adults. Aside from it being fun, this activity also helps you get acquainted with the culture in Cabo, being part of Mexico. These horseback riding activities may be done romantically by the beach shores or adventurously over local terrains. Even polo lessons are being offered in Cabo’s horseback riding adventure.

Talk About Immigration and Permanent Residency in the USA

how to migrate to USA

Although the United States of America has been deemed as the bedrock of different nationalities, it does not automatically mean that the country accepts anyone as permanent residents that easily. True enough, many may be allowed to travel around America but obtaining the almighty green card is a tough obstacle to hurdle especially now with the new sitting government.

We know very well that many people from all over the world wish to stay in America for life and so, we’ve compiled some of the things you might need to know when it comes to the process of obtaining  permanent residency in the USA. Some of these are the following:

Obtaining Permanent Residence

Tapping on relatives is common

Perhaps the most used and abused eligibility is tapping on immediate family or relatives who are considered citizens or lawful permanent residents of the country to play the role of sponsors. This is the most commonly used path to permanent residency because it is the easiest and it does not set any limit each year unlike the other eligibility options.

Applying for a job can be a big help

Being offered a job or accepted for a job in the US may also be of great help. The road to permanent residency will be less difficult if you have something to offer the country. Hence, those of extraordinary or exceptional skills are very much welcomed in the USA. Here, we can safely say that if you have significant contributions to the country, you might be more qualified than most.

Refuge is offered by USA

As for those who are fear life-threatening situations and risks back in their homeland, America actually offers an option for eligibility for refuge. Of course, these life-threatening issues do not include merely getting into car accidents back in your hometown. It has to be much more than that. 

how to become a citizen of USA

Long time residency does not mean permanent

Unfortunately, you may have lived in America for ten long years and they still might not grant you the green card. For as long as you do not qualify, they will not consider taking you in as permanent residents. However, many long-time non-citizen residents get away with deportation cases whenever they are able to prove that their removal from America would be detrimental to a citizen of USA.

In these situations, you should definitely contact a legal professional. Look for a good immigration lawyer in NYC, if you reside there.

Anyone can be denied

You have to know that anyone can be denied the green card if they pose risk to the country. Automatically, if you seem to be a threat, you will not be granted permanence. There could be several reasons as to why USA would deny your green card application.

Usually, it could be health related such as having a communicable disease that might endanger the public. Naturally, if you have a crazy criminal record, you probably would not get through the immigration office as well.

Consulting a lawyer is essential

Never underestimate the skills of a legal professional as they might have the power to change the circumstances you find yourself in. However, you must also remember that they also have limits.

Avoiding Car Accidents: 10 Safety Measures to Follow 

car accident help

One of the things we never want to experience is getting into a car accident. Aside from its danger to life of the driver and the passengers, dealing with the damages to the vehicles and/or property involved is also painstaking.  Lucky, if you land the best car accident lawyer in Shreveport or wherever place you’re in, but if you don’t, you’ll be dealing with paperwork and probably even court proceedings to settle damages caused by the accident.

As of 2015, statistics show that there have been about 30,000 to 35,000 fatal crashes and deaths due to motor vehicle accidents in the United States. That being said, it is important for each one of us to follow safety precautions whenever we hit the road.

Safety Measures in Driving

Get your car checked regularly.

Needless to say, you have to get your vehicle checked regularly. Not only when it comes to the battery, oil, water, but also when it comes to the engine, the brakes, and the like. Through this, you will be informed about how your car is doing. This helps you determine what you should and should not do with your vehicle. Thus, it helps you avoid getting into road accidents as well.

Strap your seat belt on.

This rule should already be etched in your brain. Although many take the role of the seat belts for granted, your seat belt will be your ultimate life saver in cases of strong collisions. Without it, a collision accident might have an impact a hundred times greater than putting your seatbelt on.

Don’t drunk and drive.

One of the most common causes of road accidents is drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or even drugs. This is a big no-no. Not only will you put yourself at risk, you are also imposing danger on innocent lives on the road.

So, if you come from a party and you know you’re buzzed, make sure you won’t be able to get on your car. You must rest and sober up before taking over the wheel.

Furthermore, if you are on the height of emotions; for instance, you’re dealing with your own divorce or a break up, it would be best to avoid driving while at the height of anger.

Follow the rules and regulations.

Don’t take shortcuts and don’t disobey the rule just because no one’s watching or no one’s calling you out. Observe the laws because they are implemented for a reason. If some signs prohibit you to turn or speed up, religiously follow it. At the end of the day, this is for your safety after all.

safety measures in driving

Don’t tailgate.

Don’t be too close to the cars before you, leave certain distance so that in cases where the car ahead of you suddenly comes into a stop, you won’t hit his trunk.

Keep your hands on the wheel.

When you’re driving, keep in mind that you’re on the road and not in a circus. Hence, keep your no-hand-on-the-wheel tricks to yourself. Even if the road is peaceful and there’s not much traffic going on, always be alert by placing at least one hand on the steering wheel just in case you suddenly need to take control of your car’s steering.

Don’t text and drive.

Perhaps, what’s worse than drunk driving is driving and texting. If you’re so caught up on Facebook or Youtube while you’re driving, you have such a greater chance of getting into an accident because your eyes and mind are focused on the screen rather than the road. Many people ignore this warning but it is important to point out that many tragic accidents have resulted to texting while driving.

After Dealing With A Divorce Case: What’s Next For Me?

moving on after divorce

The divorce process is a difficult one as it involves more than just papers. Meetings with your divorce lawyer from Charleston, with your ex-spouse, settling properties and custody can get really messy at times. Lucky for you if you went through all of these smoothly. However, getting past the legal process is one thing and getting past the heartbreak is another.

You may have easily survived the legalities with the help of a divorce attorney but whatever comes next will require you to help yourself. Picking up the pieces after a long battle is never easy but it is possible. In order to achieve genuine happiness again, you need to move forward.

And in order to move forward, you need to exert effort. Here are a few things you should do after dealing with a divorce case.

Learn the art of forgiving.

In order to truly move on, forgiveness is essential. In cases where your partner did you wrong, this will be very difficult. However, if you forever hold grudge, in your heart, against your spouse, you’ll never be able to let go. Fortunately, there are many ways to learn the art of forgiving; for instance, it could be through optimism and positive thinking.

Let go.

In relation to forgiveness, you need to let things go. Holding on to the past will only hurt you more and it will prevent you from moving forward. Letting go may start with getting rid of your ex-spouse’s things or moving in to you a new neighborhood.

Give yourself time.

Forgiving and letting go could take you a couple of months to several years so give yourself time. Do not expect to be able to do these things in a snap. These things shall pass with time. Thus, you need to have patience. Don’t rush yourself, it’s better to go slowly but surely.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t allow yourself to be a wreck after a divorce; pick yourself up and make yourself more beautiful inside and out. Remember that you survived one of life’s most difficult challenges and with that, many new things are about to come into your zone. There is no time to skip showering for days, skipping gym appointments, skipping meals, etc. If you want to get back on track, you’ll need to take care of yourself.

professional help for divorce

Get to work.

Make yourself busy. Whether it’s legit working at the office or working out at the gym, do it. You need to keep your hands and mind busy. There is a saying that says idle minds are the devil’s playground; hence, it is encouraged to avoid being idle as this will allow negative thoughts to seep in. Go for activities; schedule skating or other sports activities, travel, go on an adventure; keep yourself busy.

Go for counseling.

If you think you need professional help, don’t hesitate to avail for counseling services. For some people, going through a divorce may not be 100% difficult but for some others, it may be a million times worse. Only you, yourself, would honestly know if professional help is needed. Thus, you need to listen to your mind and body

Talk to trusted friends.

Catch up with your best friends and have some heart to heart talk with them; this usually helps you vent out and get things off your chest. Through this, you can also ask for some advice.


Learning The Basics of Quad Roller Skates and Skating


games for quad skating

Many of us have seen kids and adults in movies roller skating, using skates that have two rows of wheels. These are commonly known as quad skates.

Quad Roller Skate

Basically, quad skating describes the vintage-style roller skates instead of the modern inline skates. These quad skates have four wheels (2 rows) per foot while modern inline skates have only a single row of wheels for each foot. 

As early as 1700s, skates have emerged in the society. Later on, quad roller skates gained much of the popularity. From sports to just pastime recreation, skating has been an interesting subject. Hence, many people got into it. Even today, there are still old souls who are trying to pick up quad skating and if you’re one of them, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will guide you in the basic steps and skills for quad roller skating. Without any more delay, let’s discuss the tips.

Basic Tips

  • Do the duck walk.

If you’re clueless about skating, then doing the duck walk is essential for you to be able to learn how to balance. Do the walk by having your heels together, pointing both your toes forward. Afterwards, slowly walk forward. Keep doing this until you get the hang of walking with roller skates on. This basic skill will help you in gaining the balance you need.

  • Practice gliding.

From walking like a duck, you must make a transition by lengthening your strides. Here, you should allow yourself to roll in the rink. You’ll have to push yourself using one foot and then glide using the other. Your feet will take the roles alternately. You always have to lift one foot above the floor when the other one is gliding.

  • Learn how to brake.

Very importantly, you must know when to stop. Usually, your right foot roller skate is equipped with a brake. The brake is located at the toe of your skate. To put yourself in a stop, you need to glide your skates parallel to each other while staying in a squatting position. Carefully place your right skate a little in front of your left skate; afterwards, lift the toe of the right skate.

Make sure that when you hit the brake, you hit it certainly. Don’t have second thoughts; thus, don’t slightly hit the brake without an actual intention of completely putting yourself to a stop. This will only risk you from injuries due to loss of balance.

turning crossover tips

  • Turn with crossover.

Turning with crossover is actually a special maneuver. Now that you know how to glide, you can start with it in order to gain momentum. Turning with crossover is when you cross on skate over the other and pushing off for a new direction. So, if you wish to turn right, cross your left skate over your right and turn your body towards the right direction; push your body towards that direction.

  • Jump in the air.

If you really want some adventurous maneuver, jumping in the air is perfect for you. First, you must do a couple of glides. Then, bring your skates together, do a crouch and hit the air (jump). In the beginning, do some smaller jumps just to orient yourself with how it feels and how it should go. Along the way, you can do higher jumps if you’ve become more confident in landing.

Overall, you must also prioritize your safety when it comes to skating. There have been many injuries due to roller skating and you need to avoid those as much as possible. You can do this by wearing the right gears, skating in the right areas, or by taking your skating slowly but surely.

Movie Nights: Topnotch Movies to Watch With Family (and Friends)

movie night ideas

One of the best ways to bond with family or friends, at home, is by sharing a horror, comedy, action, or romantic flick with the group. Obviously, horror is the best because you can easily manipulate your surroundings (if you’re watching in your own outdoor/indoor home theater). This set-up works well with home theaters. Setting up your very own home cinema is simple; however, you’d need your space, projector, movie screen, (check out Add in some pop corn to the calculation and you’re probably good to go

However, picture this, you’ve set up your movie screen, projector, and your home theater, in general, but you’re lacking the ultimate necessity: the right movie or perhaps, the right movies. Well, we never want you to experience this and so, we’ve compiled the best movies for comedy, horror, action, and romance in no particular order.

Horror and Thrillers

  • The Exorcist (1973) – This movie focuses on evil spirits taking over an innocent body and driving it away through exorcism.
  • The Conjuring (2013) – It’s all about that one house which desperately needs some exorcism as there are bad spirits occupying the space and disturbing the ones living in it,
  • The Blair Witch Project (1999) – If you guys are into documentaries and horror stories based on actual tales, then tune in to this movie.
  • Lights Out (2016) – The movie revolves on the importance of light to keep bad spirits away.
  • Silence of the Lambs (1991) – One of the most classic thrillers, this movie focuses on a psychopath and his adventures.

list of movies to watch


  • White Chicks – This movie is all about two male agents who goes undercover, hilariously.
  • Scary Movie – If you want crazy horror-movie mocking, this one’s perfect for you regardless if it’s Scary Movie 1,2,3, or 4. However, this could require parental guidance for young kids.
  • The Hangover – If you’re into extreme adventures, and getting in trouble with big bad guys, Hangover 1,2, or 3 is perfect for you.


  • The Matrix – For those into sci-fi action, Matrix is the perfect movie to watch if you’re into action with superhuman abilities.
  • Inception – A great science fiction film which revolves around infiltrating the subconscious.
  • James Bond – Classic James Bond will always be a great action movie; crazy adventures await Mr. Bond from time to time.
  • Aliens (1986) – If you’re into being invaded by aliens and killing them one by one, this movie is for you.


  • Love Actually – This movie is one of the all-time best romantic movies ever and so, there’ll be no spoilers at all.
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary – Another classic movie of push and pull when it comes to love.
  • 50 First Dates – This movie might have a little bit of tragedy but it goes to show what love can do.
  • A Walk to Remember – One of the most heartbreaking movies, prepare your tissues for this one.
  • 500 Days of Summer – This is a shout out to the fickle hearted and minded ones but also a lesson for those who are too selfish in love.








General Guide in Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Christmas at home

One of the most exciting time of the year is Christmas season. That being said, a lot of preparation needs to be done (e.g. you might want to prepare a visit to your child’s dentist after all the holiday sweets).

From buying gifts to decorating the entire house, there’s a lot of work to do and sometimes, homeowners tend to be all over the place; often, they’ll be confused as to how to do it all correctly.

Many homeowners struggle in finding the best ways to decorate their homes for the holiday season. If the job is not well-thought of, chances are there will be nooks and corners of the house that won’t be struck by the spirit of Christmas. This is exactly the reason why an ultimate guide to decorating homes for the holiday is essential.

Without further delay, let’s get right into the guide.

Choose A Theme

The key to having an amazing Christmas-look for your home is having consistency and the ultimate way to achieve consistency is by deciding on a theme to go for. There are several themes you can choose from such as themes according to color; you can go for a White and Silver theme or perhaps a Red and Green theme. If you’re a little more adventurous, you may even incorporate a Superhero theme for Christmas. It doesn’t really matter which theme you’ll choose as long you and your family enjoys it and you stick to it.

Decorate Outside and Inside

Try your best to not leave out the exterior part of the home. Even if the interior part of the house is filled with crazy Christmas decors, if the outside part is left out, a little part of the Christmas spirit dies out. People who pass by your house won’t be able to feel the Christmas vibe. You may decorate the exterior part in a simple manner. You don’t really have to go all out; just add some simple lights, garlands, wreath, etc. and you’d probably be good to go.

As for the inside of the house, try to focus the decors on the living room area, stairs, and hallways. It’s alright to leave out the kitchen, bathroom, and personal rooms. Where the party will be (or where the family will gather) should be the priority.

DIY Christmas decor

Light Up

During holidays, the entire world lights up and so should your home as well. There are thousands of ideas on how to light up your house for Christmas. From lanterns to laser lights, everything is beautiful. However, there are much safer choices among the options. For instance, laser lights are way safer than going for candle lights or even for traditional Christmas lights that might be at risk of starting a fire.

Still, don’t forget your theme. Perhaps, if you’re going for the red and green theme, yellow lights would fit best and if you’re going for a white Christmas, white laser Christmas lighting might just be the perfect choice.

Go For DIYs

Don’t be scared to do-it-yourself. In fact, DIYS are the zeitgeist today. There’s tons of videos and articles on how to create Christmas decors with the use of elementary art materials. Examples of DIYs would be creating a wreath out of ribbons, painting your own snowman ornaments, etc. In a way, DIYs might help you save as well. Don’t be afraid to explore your creative side for this holiday season.

Signs of Being in an Abusive Relationship and Taking Action

why do people divorce

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about one third of women, worldwide, have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner. With this data, we can safely assume that some of these women live with their intimate partners and thus, their experiences of intimate partner violence may fall under domestic violence. However, let us not forget that some men are also be experiencing this type of violence. Either way, the victim must take action.

Unfortunately, many of these victims don’t even know that they are actually experiencing abuse or domestic violence. Other victims also choose to stay still and keep silent under their partner’s roof. This reaction could be attributed to many factors. It’s possible that some victims have a hard time overcoming their fears, have nowhere to go, or have no money. In some cases, having young children to take care of also makes it harder for a domestic violence victim to get away from the abuser. Whether you are sure or unsure of being a victim of domestic violence, keep on reading.

Abusive Spouse

  • Spouse is aggressively dominant.

An abusive spouse or any abuser is usually a very dominant individual, he/she is in charge of everything leaving you with no-say at all. Furthermore, he/she expects you to obey commands  without any question.

  • Spouse gives out threats.

One of the most common tactics abusers use is dropping threats; this is to scare you and stop you pressing charges against them. Usually, abusers will use what or who is dear to you (e.g. children, secrets, etc.)

  • Spouse employs intimidation.

Common forms of intimidation may include displaying weapons, destroying things or properties, and being violent towards something in front of you.

  • Spouse intends to isolate you.

Usually, it will become very hard for the victim to go out. The abusive spouse or abuser will not allow you from meeting friends nor family; this is so you will become more dependent on them.

how to stop wife abuse

  • Spouse uses humiliation.

Insults such as name calling and shaming are abusers’ number one weapon so their victims will feel worthless and would not leave their side.

  • Spouse physically hits you.

Of course, if your spouse violently hits you, that is automatically considered abuse. No further questions asked.

Taking Action

If you are facing some of the things listed above then you are most probably a victim of an abusive relationship or domestic violence, if you and your spouse live together. What has been happening to you are not just forms of accidents but of abuse. Now, that you’ve confirmed this, you have got to take action.

At an opportune time, ask help from a family member or a friend. Stay over at someone else’s house and while you are safe, you must report your spouse or abuser to the authorities. Although this might be hard to do, know that it is the right thing to do to prevent further physical and emotional damages. At the end of it all, you should seek help from legal professionals such as domestic violence lawyers in Manhattan; they will guide you in filing for a divorce or any legal action that is suited for your case.